Tonight’s episode of bigg boss 11 starts with salman khan creating a fashionable entry on the degree. He says the 12 months 2017 exceeded by very fast. He announced that there could be live voting all through tonight’s episode too and that one contestant between luv tyagi and priyank sharma might be evicted. He meets the contestants thru me tv. He tells them whoever is going gets to rejoice new years with their own family. He is taking a dig at akash dadlani, who’s sporting hina khan’s night fit. Salman is surprised that a hygienic man or woman like hina gave her clothes to a person like akash, who keeps itching himself. Hina tells him that she has given her night healthy to akash for all time. Salman tells hina that her boyfriend, rocky jaiswal behaved badly and she or he gets greatly surprised.

He tells them bandgi kalra and rocky bonded and shared the identical mattress within the padosi residence. Each hina and puneesh sharma are bowled over and the latter asks salman to show him the clip and he tells that it’s some thing that can’t be aired. He clarifies that he changed into kidding approximately rocky’s behaviour, so hina asks him, “turned into he desirable?” and salman replies, “i don’t recognize, ask bandgi.” and each person is in splits right here except hina and puneesh.

Salman tells vikas gupta and shilpa shinde that their families have mentioned their marriage and suggests them a image of them as a married couple. Salman trolls hina for the goof-up she did at some point of the challenge wherein she scored shilpa six hundred factors rather than 60. He makes a decision to check all and sundry’s information and asks them few questions.

Salman invited shilpa’s brother, akash’s mother, bandgi and rocky on the degree and tells them to play in conjunction with the pranks he has performed at the contestants. He asks them about their experience of living inside the padosi house, and bandgi tells that she loved her live with the mothers and now she has revel in of staying in each the homes. They meet the contestants and bandgi and rocky say that they’re together and hina and puneesh feel it’s a joke, however salman says it’s severe. Soon the housemates are called in a witness box this is located there and one at a time asked questions from the family members. First up is vikas, who’s cornered via shilpa’s brother, who asks vikas that why became shilpa blamed for hiten tejwani’s eviction as it was vikas’s plan all alongside.

Bandgi asks vikas that if priyank receives eliminated, who could be his friend in the residence and he names puneesh. Rocky tells vikas that he claims that humans within the residence do loads of factors for the cameras, however he too does the identical. Hina is the subsequent one to move within the witness container and bandgi asks her about her statements that she made on puneesh’s sport earlier than and after bandgi’s eviction. Hina says that puneesh became a piece slow after bandgi left the house and started out playing it secure.

Hina additionally had something approximately puneesh’s appears and tooth, and bandgi confronts her for that. Hina says that she never said anything about his face, however best about his tooth and gets trolled again through salman, who tells her it’s similarly bad to speak like that about everybody.

Salman declares the elimination and it’s priyank, who leaves the residence. Now it’s time for the viewers to head stay and chose who’s the first-class entertainer among hina and shilpa. Hina and shilpa have to take part in a making a song opposition. Even as the other contestants will distract them with the aid of throwing smiley balls at them. First one to move on the stage is hina and she sings the song, moh moh ke dhaage, and does that superbly. She receives 65 in line with cent of votes.

Shilpa plays and she or he sings aap ka kya hoga janaabeali and he or she receives seventy seven in line with cent votes and beats hina.