Tonight we have the final weekend ka vaar of the season as salman khan meets the housemates as well as we have sidharth malhotra and manoj bajpai in the house meeting the hms with a few fun stuff up their sleeves. Salman welcomes the target audience pronouncing that is the final weekend before they prepare for the grand finale. The ballet box is ready to be opened and additionally the very nerve-racking four nominees waiting to hear their destiny. Salman says that we’ve a stay voting deliberate these days too and yes we are waiting. Salman asks the housemates what precisely they’ll omit at the display. Hina khan says that she will be able to omit the peace within the residence as salman is thoroughly amused with the aid of it. Puneesh will pass over the music in the mroning as shilpa says she would leave out salman as salman is thorughly impressed. Vikas says he could pass over akash dadlani as shilpa says she can handiest not leave out taklani.

We’ve the appy fizz caller of the week as she asks shilpa why she become now not performing at the undertaking and is she overconfident of her lovers love. Shilpa gets a little agitated as she says that she has usually accomplished nicely and she in no way performs in corporations. Shilpa has in mind that the fan might be a hina supporter however because it seems the that the fan is a vikas lover who tells him he’s playing well. Salman now turns to ask hina about it. Hina elaborates saying she desired shilpa to assist her  but there has been no involvement from her end. Vikas supports hina announcing that shilpa had executed nicely within the starting tasks but later she began appearing much less. Puneesh says that is shilpa’s way of doing matters and he or she doesn’t make a hue and cry of it. Salman makes a announcement ultimately that shilpa need to not underestimate other’s fanatics.

As salman leaves the hms shilpa could be very angry and thank you puneesh for supporting her and also says she has never given up any mission. Hina and vikas talk how puneesh himself has been announcing that shilpa does no longer carry out duties and now he has taken a u flip. Vikas provides that the fans are seeing it. We’ve the closing sultani akhada among akash and puneesh the pagal premi duo. The first round is to expose the opposite character down and puneesh wins it even as akash himself announces puneesh the winner. Next is a tug of conflict to strike a flag in their very own pots. Puneesh again wins the round. Puneesh wins the akhada and salman continues trolling akash calling him pathoda. That is puneesh’s first medal from the akhada. The visitors from the film ayyary -siddharth malhotra and manoj bajpai reach in to meet the hms. The leading guys have a game for the hms which they need to fulfill individually.

The hms ought to kicks each other’s footballs into pits in addition to keep their on whilst they sit down on balls themselves. Akash and vikas are the remaining men standing. They get the hms back inside and explain the meaning of ayyary. Siddharth explains it’s far a person who can alternate shapes and conceal. Siddharth asks who it is inside the residence who does that. Akash names vikas whilst hina helps and says it works for vikas too. Vikas names shilpa and hina. Hina does the crying act once more and top notch siddharth absolutely. Vikas gets the ayyar title. Later siddharth, manoj joined by way of rakul preet singh. Salman says that siddharth and rakul were there to promote their first films and now. Manoj says that in his first film bigg boss did now not exist and salman joins him pronouncing they each are dinosaurs. Salman gives rakul a chance to be robin hoody pandey and he or she attempts scaring the dabbang gunda salman. Later manoj and salman ask siddharth to do a bhojpuri role. Manoj supports siddharth’s talk delivery and he performs on bang on. They dance to lagave lipistick song as well as mano does a disco dancer.

Salman tells us a fun episode where mithun dha danced to disco dancer with just one step. Manoj superbly describes ayyary with a poem. Salman tells us that within the coming week the hms will face the media who would bombard them with questions. We’ve got time for the eviction as salman asks the hms to matter their votes themselves. Puneesh is requested to open the poll and type the votes and hand over the trays to all the nominated hms. Vikas, shilpa, hina and luv take locations at unique corners and start counting. Salman returns and now the hearts are beating fast. Salman now begins to name out the names as the hm’s inform their numbers. Shilpa stands first followed by means of hina and then vikas, luv has the least and he has to leave the house right away. Luv hugs hina saying he’s going to pass over her and that he is ultimately leaving. Akash and puneesh applaud luv saying he is the hero and sing hero song for him. Salman reminds the subject matter of the season and ask them why at the final second commoners and celebrities were outstanding. Puneesh apologises at the factor and says they were a piece insecure.

Now’s the time for the live performance and salman leaves them announcing they ought to do their exceptional. Salman says that the difference that the hms themselves created will now be used. Bigg boss takes up the commoners vs celebs subject matter with the hms and asks them to make their case before the target market as they now decide on who entertained them better. We are proven the adventure of the 2 commoners who managed to make their spot in the top five. Puneesh who represents the commoners makes his case and says that commoners have fought their manner to the top and additionally that they’ve needed to paintings quite tough. Puneesh adds that luv become with the celebrities so he had to depart and this worry has been with them all through even as they have been so actual. Hina is the only to represent the celebs now. Hina gives her case as well and the clear winner via a large margin is hina or the stars.