Bigg boss eleven has been in news for the predominant fights and the contestants hitting a brand new low every passing day. Hina khan and priyank sharma invited quite a few flak over their behaviour remaining week. Whilst hina seems to had been the using pressure, priyank has come beneath salman’s scanner immediately again and again all way to his devotion to the actress. Last week twitterati exploded with hatred for the two as priyank become visible frame shaming shilpa shinde. Salman khan who takes up the week and attempts to knock a few sense into the contestants, confronts priyank before the otehrs. He reprimands the housemates over objectionable subjects being mentioned and statemnets being made. At the same time as he defends group shilpa he is taking team hina to undertaking. Nowadays we’ve got the continuation or we will say a part two to something took place. Today we’ve got the race three team joining salman too even as jacqueline fernandes and remo dsouza can also be seen entering the house with a few checks for the house. We’ve got the removal between sapna, hina and priyank. So tools up for a variety of amusing…

Salman welcomes us for the day as he gives us glimpses of what outcomes saturday’s class has had at the residence. Hina khan and priyank sharma are visible deep in dialogue approximately how they are able to do many things proper but one incorrect component will be mentioned. Priyank plays sufferer and asks hina why are they being attacked. As ordinary hina thinks they may be being targetted and additionally well-knownshows she has now not visible preceding season other than what was telecasted on tv, so she does no longer recognize if this keeps going on. She hopes salman could have at instances reprimanded the alternative organization too as they are advocated for his or her behaviour. Vikas and arshi are fighting over vikas being over friendly with puneesh and bandgi. They speak infront of a ‘dead’ akash. Arshi says that she too can become a captain and she wants vikas to stand with the aid of her and now not with the aid of puneesh and bandgi. Vikas goes out and asks bandgi and puneesh to attempt explaining to arshi however bandgi is certain that arshi is gambling a element to expose the others. Priyank seeks forgiveness of arshi another time! Priyank says that he is incorrect and he knows it. Arshi asks priyank to hug vikas and end their combat. Priyank though is hesitant as he feels vikas hates him. Vikas refuses to concentrate to arshi and says he’s accomplished with priyank. Vikas says he does nothing for the digital camera and that he’s no person’s buddy here. Arshi loses it and joins akash announcing she now is aware of vikas too nicely. Hiten tries to interrupt and arshi lashes out at him for interrupting between them. We see a wedge on this friendship too soon. Arshi says she is accomplished with humans telling her what to do. Vikas asks arshi to vent out her pent up anger on shilpa and no longer involve him in this. Arshi says she respects shilpa and will constantly do but is no greater pleasant with every body.

Arshi breaks down as she says she is harm with the aid of how shilpa left her in moment. She says that akash is her friend and she will ask him for meals and no one can prevent her. Vikas takes arshi’s side infront of shilpa and says that shilpa had no right to forestall her from going to akash. Shilpa is even though in no temper to listen to anyone and says she is not any drum in order everybody can drum and hurt her. Arshi cries her coronary heart out as she feels shilpa left her alone, even as priyank, hina and sapna take this opportunity to get near arshi. Vikas takes arshi away and tells her she or him can not forgive priyank because he has repeatedly hurt both of them. Vikas asks her to stop venting out her anger closer to shilpa on him. He asks her to forestall distancing him from herself as he has simply made one friend in this residence and this is her.

Salman decides to discover the arshi count number more and asks arshi why she turned into crying. Arshi says that shilpa maintains getting angry on her and threatens to stop speakme. Salman asks her to kick back as moms are certain to get angry at instances. Now’s the time for the assignment- cold treatment! He says that the organization will be allotted into pairs of one woman and boy. Jallaad walks in with ice water and funnel. Akash takes the possibility to searching for forgiveness of salman. He says that arshi made him recognize his mistake. The primary pair is shilpa and puneesh while jallad places the pipe in puneesh’s pocket. Puneesh gets the bloodless treatment with each sure from shilpa. Next is bandgi with akash and bandgi does her great to hassle akash.

Next is vikas with hina which vikas has akready guessed. Hina goes one step in advance to say that she might say sure inorder to trouble vikas. Vikas promises to get again at her. Time for the appy fizz caller of the week and thsi time negative poor luv tyagi gets inside the spot because the caller confronts him approximately lieing in court docket that he changed into not present even as arshi’s clothes had been being mentioned. Luv receives all frightened as he clearly has no answer to it and the housemates name him a liar. Hina acts completely innocent and her typical expression of awe takes over. Arshi is extremely happy that the human beings recognise the actual colorations of these people. Hina like always says it by no means took place. Salman proclaims the discharge of tiger zinda hai. Jacquiline fernandes and remo dsouza enter the house as part of race three promotions. Akash goes gaga over meeting remo as he says he is a huge fan. Jackie announces the film race 3 and that remo is the director. The housemates wager that the lead actor is salman. Pyaar ka izhaar task is announced. Shilpa takes the dice and receives nok jhok. She has to carry out with hiten tejwani. Hiten gets taps on his ‘toooo’ as shilpa dances away. Puneesh rolls the dice to get maafi as he needs a hug from akash. They hug it out and dance. Sapna receives the tadka dance and priyank joins her as they nail it. Jackie joins them too as priyank well-knownshows he has danced together with her but inside the ultimate rows when he commenced with his work. Vikas receives takrar whilst hina joins him and hina disgust us again by way of pulling at vikas’s hair as jackie is shocked by way of teh enimity. Remo teaches them a step on akash’s rap track. Jackie and remo go away after a selfie consultation.

Salman is joined via ramesh sippy, jacqueline fernandes, daisy shah, bobby deol, remo and saqib saleem qureshi . Salman pulls bobby’s legs by using pronouncing he has in no way seen a fitness center before race 3. Salman well-knownshows that the 3 boys are having a hard time running out for the film. He compliments the women and their health. Salman wanta all and sundry to dance and they play bobby’s tune at unique paces.

Salman gets again into the residence and finds the housemates sitting outdoor inside the lawn place. Salman well-knownshows that the elimination nowadays goes to be a special kind of eviction. He also states that contestant getting evicted these days had a threat of triumphing the title. The nominated contestants have to sit down on a rotating chair and as it rotation stops one can be gone. The rotation begins because the housemates sit in awe. Sapna choudhary receives evicted as hina, luv and priyank can’t control their tears. Vikas tells arshi that everytime one leaves there would be sadness. Priyank vents out his hurt about vikas never paying attention to him. They do not turn out to be resolving the troubles however widening the distance similarly.