Exquisite dancer bankruptcy 2 starts with the grand access of baba ramdev today because the children dance to india wale. Baba says a few sweet things for the kids and the judges and also the hosts. Mamaji publicizes that even this the youngsters remain secure and it would based totally on the votes of this and last week that the selection can be taken in the next week. First to perform are akash and rishikesh who perform to bappa morya as the youngsters have a subject of performing to the different colors of india these days. Akash who has connection to god has some pointers for akash thapa sister , he says that salman khan hates make up so she need to avoid it. Geeta ma has a question about her marriage and he says that even god is harassed. Akash is skeptical approximately anurag basu’s dancing abilties and anurag desires to supply akash some chocolates however he refuses to go everywhere close to him. Akash says that even anurag have to now not have goodies. Akash mimics baba ramdev and leaves every person in splits. Shilpa has gloves on so that you can make akash feel comfortable. Shilpa takes to the air the gloves and all people is left speechless through her sweet gesture for the little one. Shilpa well-knownshows that she felt very sad that she created any such fear in a little child and so she can maintain her nails brief until she is on the show. Anurag does no longer depart the possibility to get returned at akash and eats the chocolate infront of him whilst teasing him.

Next is vivek and akash carry out to kali and shiva thandav as baba is thoroughly inspired. Baba is offered with a few court cases approximately akash who defends him thoroughly and says that his being naughty is good. Akash has a complaint about his mother saying she watches films for buying skinny. This conjures up baba to get her to do a little yoga. Baba has a few beneficial pointers for all as he does a few yoga onstage. Akash’s mother vows in no way to watch motion pictures once more. Ayushi and nishant follow with a few koli dance and the female is all expressions as traditional. Shilpa joins arushi onstage as she is in full marathi stand up nowadays. Rithik and prateek comply with with a aquatic overall performance and attraction every one. Their performance being on ice provides to the glory of it. Prateek has to copy a step on popular demand. Anurag does no longer accept as true with one factor and says that he feels that the ice become an unwanted addition to the act. Baba ji involves the rescue of the two and says that even though it changed into they made it so much of a part of it. Bab does a few yoga on the ice. Shilpa says that she is proud that baba has delivered yoga to the arena and gave it its an awful lot deserved appreciate. Baba ramdev has a task for rithvik as he fails him in a fist combat and additionally carries him with one hand.