There are things which you do for the fire and then there are things that you do for the coronary heart. While our mother and father’ era was content in fending and offering the approach to an quit, with cozy jobs and meeting-line lives, our technology rebels and breaks out of the mildew that become designed by way of the society and deemed best to lead a best existence. The fact of the matter is that we are no longer content material in leading lives which might be simply appropriate sufficient. We are prepared to hazard the hazard on the first-rate life, even though it means finishing up main a mediocre one.

But more often than not, this race to guide exemplary lives makes us compromise on the first-rate of our relationships. In a jest to inject our lives with ambitions, we’re forgetting to attention at the matters that rely. As a result, relationships have become increasingly fickle by the day. So at the same time as we’ve got ensured lengthy lives with contemporary medicines, we’ve forgotten what a meaningful lifestyles approach.

Films are often a mirrored image of the society and if that is genuine, imtiaz ali’s movies simply replicate all that’s incorrect with our life. That is perhaps why his movies don’t resonate with all people. Take any imtiaz movie and it’s going to provide sufficient fodder for an awesome debate. You will usually find someone who has loved his films and someone who has hated them. However, why the polarised reactions? Allow’s attempt to analyse…

The connection soup

Relationships aren’t an clean vicinity to explore. No two humans have the equal perspective on a dating and the way to hold it. This is possibly why depicting the complexities of a cutting-edge courting onscreen isn’t always only challenging, it is also treading on a completely thin line. And getting all and sundry inside the audience to walk on the same tightrope might be tough, if now not impossible.

Incorrect demographics

Given that imtiaz’s more massy films like jab we met and love aaj kal struck a chord with target market belonging to all age groups, his target market now’s extensive. But you could’t count on a 60-12 months antique, who has never treated relationships as they may be now, to understand the dynamics of what occurs when individuals fall in love in recent times. Neither can you expect a university pupil to decipher the nuances which are at play while human beings are in love and but can’t be collectively for a few cause. It’s miles hard to delight all people and it’s miles excessive time that the target market accepts that.

Just leisure, leisure, enjoyment!

The indian target market, mainly, is quite an particular one. At the same time as matters are converting, instances in point being hindi medium and lipstick under my burkha, factor is that our target market is familiar with best two genres – tough-hitting cinema or family entertainers. So until you tell them that your movie has a message, they may anticipate not anything but natural entertainment from you. Additionally, bollywood filmmakers, knowledge this mind-set, have doled out rom-coms through the dozen. That is possibly why, romance, as a stand by myself genre, is alien to the indian target audience. There’s erotica, there’s rom-com but there’s no inbetween and that’s in which lie imtiaz’s movies. No surprise, positive sections of the audience don’t consider his movies.

No fairytale, this

As stated earlier, modern relationships aren’t boy-meets-woman affairs. There’s an awful lot extra than parental competition at play. Also, the ever present danger of sophistication distinction isn’t much of a thing anymore too, what with ladies and men drawing nearly identical salaries. Plus, it’s now not about culminating the relationship in a marriage too. And procreation is the closing reason for getting into a dating. Compatibility is prime. For those who use films as escapism to locate satisfied endings, imtiaz’s movies is probably a tab bit too actual to cope with.

Creativity…what’s that?

If there’s anything else, other than relationships, that an imtiaz ali film delves into, it’s creative expression. Take a rockstar or even a tamasha for instance. The problem is innovative expression is still an alien term for indians, who comply with the society or their mother and father’ diktats in relation to deciding on a profession. Additionally, maximum indians just like the concept of settling down with exact jobs. The uncertainty that a creative profession brings is an excessive amount of of a threat. Emotional achievement is what indians locate in marriages, which is precisely why relationships are arranged and love is orchestrated.

Bollywood doesn’t deserve imtiaz ali films. It deserves movies that require the audience to ‘depart their brains at domestic’ rather than ones that require them to take their hearts alongside.