The conflict is going to be messier. Hrithik roshan and kangana ranaut, their legal teams, relatives, pals and fans are all fighting with each different as to who is the real culprit and who is the victim. Even as hrithik roshan has been letting his legal team do his speaking, till he broke his silence and is now acting on republic television to talk about it, kangana has been vocal approximately the problem, and so is her elder sister rangoli chandel who has been her strongest supporter. In reality, it changed into rangoli who placed p higher protection factors than kangana, whenever hrithik’s crew puts up any allegation against her.

That stated, some of her current tweets didn’t discover much favour with the lovers, due to the fact she dragged hrithik’s youngsters in her twitter rant in opposition to hrithik (he had said that he is speakme because for his youngsters. Those are what she tweeted the entire day…

within the name of dignity hrithik launched a sly ambiguous blog however concurrently outraged a young woman’s modesty via freeing her photographs.

— rangoli chandel (@rangoli_a) october 7, 2017

…he stated he desires to be an example for his children, i want to understand what do his sons consider their father’s obsession with his ex?

— rangoli chandel (@rangoli_a) october 7, 2017

hrithik stated he’s doing the whole lot in kangana’s matter for his youngsters….

— rangoli chandel (@rangoli_a) october 7, 2017

….So my humble query to mr hrithik roshan is what’s he doing for his kids by means of leaking young female’s nude snap shots?

— rangoli chandel (@rangoli_a) october 7, 2017

pls don’t say i m bringin his family in to it, i m simply the use of his prices and he’s answerable to me bcause he launched my sisters photos.

— rangoli chandel (@rangoli_a) october 7, 2017

Properly, the enthusiasts aren’t liking it a bit. Right here are some of their tweets…

rangoli regardless of the be counted is you want to learn how to draw a line. Do no longer drag his kids and own family into this. It does not replicate nicely on you

— thoughts (@countlessdays80) october 7, 2017

you sisters haven’t any elegance..Prevent dragging his kids..

— anand (@acrazy_boy) october 7, 2017

will you shut up approximately his kids. Enough is sufficient

— aa (@liaa976) october 7, 2017

targeting youngsters is by means of some distance the most disgusting aspect u ppl have attempted. Maintain revealing ur real nature.

— shweta sahaye (@shweta_sahaye) october 7, 2017

his kids consider him… greater than your photoshopped photographs..

— ղíʍօ..! (@nim0forever) october 7, 2017

Properly, when will this circus end?