Kasam-tere pyar ki starts with rishi(sharad malhotra) in abhishek’s (amit tandon) office as he name callings rishi over getting scolded through tanuja (kratika sengar) in school and additionally warns him for scolding his little woman. Rishi gets to the factor as he asks abhishek to return to his house for a party, he asks him to get tanuja too. Abhishek says he will come while rishi instigates him pronouncing tanuja won’t come despite the fact that abhishek asks her to jon. Abhishek takes it as a mission and says she will be able to in reality come. As rishi walks out he thinks he’s using ak to get tanuja to the party. Later rishi asks manpreet if he did no longer clear rano’s false impression and that kanika is also coming to the party as rano has invited her. Abhishek attempts to convince tanuja however she refuses to go for the birthday party. She tells abhishek that it turned into he who collaborated with rishi so it now his personal problem. Abhishek tells her that he could want company at the birthday celebration and he can not cross with out own family. Tanuja refuses to concentrate to him at all. She says she hates rishi and wants to in no way see him once more.(additionally read: rano is elated that rishi has observed love once more)

Abhishek tells her rishi idea she might no longer come and tanuja understands that rishi is just using abhishek to get her to the party. She refuses to go vehemently. Eventually abhishek asks her is he can take natasha with him and he or she hesitantly concurs however asks him to maintain an eye on natasha and not permit her move close to rishi. Abhishek is happy that tanuja hates rishi a lot. Rishi thinks that tanuja will virtually come and he recalls her pinning a brooch for him and says she will try this again nowadays. Beeji is available in excited and asks rishi if he is in love with someone. Rishi says nobody is aware of the whole truth and he would damage the wonder at the celebration. Tanuja receives natasha prepared and offers it a very last try to persuade her to stay again but she goes together with her dad. Tanuja says her byes and watches tv, as she sees numerology for the human beings born on 2d. They say that every decision these human beings take these days goes to be right and also that they would find their authentic love. Tanuja switches off the television. She opens the mag and sees rishi’s photo. She thinks why these symptoms are being given to her these days and makes a decision to make at the present time genuinely sizable. Rishi tells manpreet that tanuja has to return these days and she or he will.

Precap: tanuja walks in however hand in hand with abhishek as rishi watches pained.