Kasam-tere pyar ki starts offevolved with rishi (sharad malhotra) and tanuja(kratika sengar) standing facing each other in the rain as rishi is soaking wet within the rain. Their souls meet every other as they talk to every different. Tanuja tells rishi how a lot she loves him and that they spend a while together. Later tanuja asks rishi why he changed into getting sopping wet inside the rain and he says his automobile stopped. She offers lift however he says he has referred to as for a automobile and it’s going to come. Tanuja asks him if he will no longer stroll along with her and he says if she needs him to stroll for a lifetime he is ready. She asks him to forestall attempting however he says he’s going to no longer until she returns to him. Later tanuja waits for ak(amit tandon) as ak tells her that he goes out with some girl. Tanuja says this can be common unless he falls in love with a few fine female that is next to impossible. Rishi reaches home all sopping wet as netra asks him however he says he will trade. Rano is involved about netra being so sure that tanuja will now not go back to rishi.(additionally read: rishi and abhishek have a boxing fit to prove who is better)

Rano thinks that they love each other and they may usually discover their way again to every other. Rishi talks to tanya and tanya asks rishi and netra to exit on a date. She says that ak and tanuja commonly move on dates this instigates rishi and he decides to head on date with netra. Netra is amazed at rishi’s decision. They both move for the date and abhishek is busy with a lady as he flirt away. The girl tells abhishek they appear to be made for each different, ak gets tensed as he feels the female may recommend him. Netra tells rishi that they may be alike as they just love one person and love a lot. The woman tells abhishek she isn’t always marriage fabric and that she does not want marriage. She asks abhishek about tanuja and abhishek says she is horrific and that is why he is here for love. They hug each other and that is witnessed by using netra as she is shocked that ak is deceiving tanuja.

Precap: netra comes to recognize that ak and tanuja are not married.