You noticed ranveer singh pull off some dangerous sword combating in bajirao mastani or say for that matter even hrithik roshan in jodha akbar. Now get geared up to watch a majestically fierce aspect of shahid kapoor as raja rawal ratan singh in padmavati. Even as we knew for a truth the actor is pushing the limit to get into the warrior mode. Little did we assume he’ll will absorb as many as 6 distinct kinds of sword preventing for the movie. Yes, we just got our hands on those leaked images from the units of padmavati which has sasha acting deady sword fighting with a great deal ardour and electricity. I mean simply observe him!

An insider in interaction with mid-day in addition discovered info on shahid’s intense training saying, “rajputana style of sword-fighting is an developed one, which requires the frame to be both strong and agile at the identical time. Shahid has been taught bits of gatka, a combination of angampora and kalaripayattu. He is likewise studying spearplay, because the spear is a customary weapon amongst rajputs. He has been training for 24 days now.” no longer just that, to ideal his portrayal of the rajput king, shahid kapoor has additionally learnt the fundamentals of mardani khel (a weapon-primarily based martial artwork) as well as sqay (a south asian shape of sword-fighting).

Speak about his body transformation, sasha is stated to have also gone through a change in his diet to hold the body for the position in padmavati. “he’s on a protein rich food regimen, which allows in agility.With a cut-off date looming big, to fulfill the november launch, there isn’t sufficient time to prep before taking pictures. Shahid has no alternative however to juggle his capturing and schooling.”, added the source.

If this is a glimpse of sasha’s prep for padmavati. Imagine how insane ranveer’s role goes to be thinking about he plays the villainous allaudin khilji inside the film. Can’t look forward to this one helluva sanjay leela bhansali movie developing, isn’t it?