Mahakali -anth hi aarambh hai  starts with shiv(saurabh raaj jain) bringing parvati (pooja b sharma) to the amarnath caves in which they could provide delivery to their first child. Shiv tells parvati that the supply of all power is dance and shiv dance form is tandav while shakti’s is lasya. Shiv asks parvati to convert his tandav into lasya in five steps of its court cases. Parvat and shiv dance and generate sorts of electricity. Finally parvati creates a maya where she tasks sati who walks in the direction of shiv reminding him of her death and from shiv comes forth the antique shiva husband of sati. As they dance together, parvati tells shiv that this is the truth that sati and shiv can in no way separate. Parvati has successfully converted tandav into lasya. Shiv and parvati dance collectively and ultimately they sit down in samadhi as they sweat. An strength from them each meet and takes a form as they’re sitting in meditation. Tadkasur asks shumbh and nishumbh to locate parvati and shiv to stop the introduction of his give up. (also study: shiv and parvati to present birth to their son and stop taadkasur)

Shumbh has an idea and he says that shiva had burnt kaamdev and now the frame that takes shape from the ashes will prevent the advent. They visit rathi to ask her to permit them to take the ashes and supply existence to kaamdev. Rathi senses evil and she or he stops them but tadkasur ties her and takes the ashes. Rathi reaches vishnu and tells him about this vishnu asks indra to defend the amarnath caves and now not permit any disturbance happen to parvati and shiv’s time of advent.Vishnu explains that kamdev allowed advent while now the body that shapes from his ashes will forestall any form of creation and it is bandasur. Bandasur takes form and shumbh sends him to the amarnath caves to forestall the advent of the child of shiv and parvati. All of the devtas under indra stand guard on the caves. They channel their energies and make the cave invisible. Bandasur arrives there and guesses that shiva and parvati are nearby. Rathi tries to prevent the asur however she is jerked away. Indra burns bandasur to ashes again and soon they pay attention the sound of drums. They guess that the introduction is completed as a oval ball of fireplace takes form between shiv and parvati. They make the cave visible again, tadkasur reaches the brahmalok with goal of taking vishnu and brahma slaves.

Laxmi and saraswati fight the asur joined by using their husbands but quickly they’re subdued with the aid of the powerful tadkasur. Indra prepares to go into the cave but is stopped by means of rathi who sees the ashes re-form into bandasur. Indra fights bandasur and asks agnidev to head and shield the energy ball. Agnidev gets in to look shiv and parvati immersed in meditation at the same time as the power ball stands of their midst. Agnidev takes it and runs as bandasur sees him. Bandasur strikes indra and runs behind agnidev as indra prays to parvati to defend her infant. Parvati opens her eyes to discover the energy ball long past and she walks out of doors to locate indra and rathi. Rathi tells her the complete occurring as parvati takes the shape of mahakali to pursue bandasur and to guard her toddler.