Mahakali -anth hello aarambh hai today starts offevolved with a decided parvati (pooja b sharma) leaving kailash whilst both she and mahadev( saurabh raaj jain) are pained at the separation. Nandi and the others ask mahadev in which parvati is and asks him why he did now not stop her. Mahadev asks nandi to observe parvati, as nandi senses some thing untoward is ready to appear. Parvati walks across the jungle and shiv talks to vishnu about her reaching somewhere in which she will be able to understand the reality. Vishnu questions mahadev’s decision of sending parvati out on her own on this nation of thoughts. Shiva says she herself is mahakali and no longer simply vishnu’s sister. Shumbh receives the news approximately parvati leaving the kailash on my own. Nishumbh feels this is the nest possibility to deliver her to them. Shumbh although is harassed as he does now not recognize why could shiva allow her pass on my own while he knows that shumbh wants her.

Nishumbh convinces shumbh to observe parvati. Parvati reveals nandi and the others who ask her to come back returned to kailash. They request her however she says she is on a journey. As they talk the skies darken and that they understand that a few evil strength is on its manner to them. Shumbh arrives and is spellbound by way of parvati’s splendor. He instigates her by way of saying that she is simply too lovely to be with a beggar like shiva and only a king like shumbh can provide her the actual region. Parvati get indignant and vishnu is tensed and he wishes to move and forestall her, calm her. Shiva says as parvati’s husband it is his duty to drive parvati to her truth and he is simply doing that. Nandi too realises that parvati is getting angry he fights the asurs as he asks parvati to leave the area. (additionally study: parvati leaves kailash pained after stepping on mahadev)

Parvati walks beforehand as shumbh follows her all of the manner. She steps into an antique dilapidated temple and as she steps in she feels very related to this location. Shiva tells vishnu that when she comes face to face along with her past and is capable of undergo the divinity of it then he himself will inform her the complete reality. Shumbh follows her into the temple and tells her how she is a fool to have run into this temple that is closed from all facets. Parvati stops him from coming close to her however he procedures in a bid to the touch her and stepping again parvati reaches a place wherein she unexpectedly gets a vision of an apparition of shiva carrying a woman and screaming in the fire as vishnu cuts off a head. Shumbh bnears her and she gets irritated as her body starts offevolved converting into mahakali’s. Shiva tells vishnu that she will be able to get external help as soon as she wins the battle inside. Quickly someone jumps down and pushes shumbh away as he says parnam to parvati saying how he become watching for her and that he knew she could be again. Parvati is burdened now as nishumbh comes in. The character introduces himself as unmatta bhairav who has been created to blanketed parvati.

Unmatta bhairav fights the two asurs though he subdues them yet they come returned and tell him that they have got been given the boon of life and they cannot be killed by way of any guy. Unmatta bhairav then calls the devi ambika who asks the two asurs to go away otherwise she might kill them each. Shumbh thinks it’s far prudent to leave right now. Shiva says it is time for him to visit parvati however he is bound by way of her promise to come back to her simplest when she calls. Parvati is harassed and he or she calls out to mahadev to return and help her. He arrives on the temple because the others go away the two by myself. Parvati asks shiva to help her clear up the confusions in her thoughts and the visions she is seeing. He then suggests her sati who is his first wife and says she has, is and could usually be his life accomplice. He then well-knownshows to her that she is sati and sati is her. Parvati sees herself as sati whilst mahadev indicates her the past.