Mahakali -anth hi aarambh hai starts offevolved with  lalitha devi puts an end to bandasur. Rathi seeks forgiveness of her for cursing her and also being unable to guard her husband’s ashes. Devi lalitha gives rathi a  boon that kaamdev will take rebirth in dwaapar and then she can too turn out to be a mom. Parvati (pooja b sharma) takes shape once again and walks toward her strength seed to give delivery to her child. Taadkasur stands watching this and makes a decision in no way to permit this show up. He throws an attack at it and ganga consists of the seed away to shield it from the asurs. Taadkasur blocks ganga and she or he loses the seed that is broken into six parts and flown away within the waterfall. Taadkasur is glad to have destroyed his cease and that now he’s immortal. Parvati is distraught and shiv tries to comfort her. Agnidev and ganga are searching for shiv’s (saurabh raaj jain)  forgiveness for being incapable of protective the unborn toddler. Shiv is silent however parvati is inconsolable and she or he turns into kaali. She says she cannot forgive them each. She asks agnidev why he touched the agni punj whilst he could not shield it. She blames him for putting her infant at danger. She additionally blames ganga for being unable to defend her sister’s baby.

She curses each of them, she tells agnidev that nobody will ever come near him anymore and if everybody does then they could be burnt. She tells ganga that she would be dirtied each day because the entire global will wash their sins in her. Ganga cries as she explains herself announcing they each had tried to protect the child and their goal become natural. Kaali asks them to have a look at her curses with some other perspective. She tells ganga that she might be called the mother the various global and additionally she would wash every sin. As for agni he would be the sign of purity as whatever he touches might be purified too. They thank kali for the boons. Shiv tells kaali that she isn’t always sure via him or every other powers and that if she needs she can very well cross in opposition to the boon and kill taadkasur. Kaali says the limits have already been crossed with a mother being separated from her toddler.(additionally read: devi lalitha takes form to place an end to bhandasur, mahakali stops shiv from starting his 0.33 eye)

Tadkasur says he’s now the undisputed king of the 3 worlds and that the handiest aspect that would have killed him is now destroyed. Shumbh is still skeptical as he says that the entire warfare isn’t yet over and they ought to no longer be very happy. Kaali arrives there and she or he walks closer to shumbh to kill him as she blames him for starting this with the aid of making bandasur. Tadkasur stands earlier than shumbh and mocks kali to be certain by means of her husband’s boon and says that a lady can never move past her husband’s words. Kaali threatens tadkasur that sooner or later without breaking shiv’s boon she will be able to placed an stop to him and also see dying in his eyes. Vishnu is involved about the final results of this conflict between kaali and tadkasur. Shiv says she is a mom and he also says he trusts kaali that she might by no means insult the boon he gave and additionally manipulate her anger. Laxmi blames the 2 men to in no way be able to understand the type of pain parvati might be passing through. Parvati arrives there and tells shiv that she is aware of that each decision of his has a much fetched intention and she or he will not query him for permitting this to take place. She leaves to the place wherein the six a part of her toddler fell so she could see it for the final time.

Vishni asks shiv why he permit her pass while he knows that it’s miles dangerous. Shiv says that parvati is transferring towards her future and she or he might face it. Parvati reaches the vicinity wherein her unborn toddler’s elements fells and she or he tells laxmi she will be able to experience them but she does no longer realize where they went on to. Laxmi sees the six parts included within the lotuses as they swim on the river. As parvati and laxmi look on they see six women arrive there and they take the six children into their hands as they say that the children are their personal. Parvati is astonished as she says that she knows that the children are hers. They comply with the girls to discover the reality. Shumbh tells tadkasur that although the agni punj is cut into six part it’d continue to be as damaging as before infact now the kid may additionally attack from six exceptional sides. They too go away to get the components and ruin them all the time. The kritikas see the asurs following them and they run. Parvati and laxmi too see them running.