The makers of judwaa 2 had found out whilst taking pictures the movie that two songs from 1997 hit judwaa may be reprised for the remake – oonchi hai building and tan tana tan. We’ve seen each the songs now and each time we’ve got asked you to tell us, if the second version matched up the unique or now not, you have constantly sided with salman khan‘s songs. Now that’s a no-brainer. The entirety, whilst heard first, leaves a greater lasting effect than a do-over. Wager that’s why oonchi hai building from salman khan’s movie received this ballot too. We had requested you to tell us which one you favored the most, varun’s reprised music or the good antique 90s wide variety and you went with the latter.

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With sixty six percent votes, salman khan’s oonchi hai constructing has emerged as the winner. Now, to be truthful to varun dhawan, there was by no means a doubt that human beings will choose the older version than the brand new one because that’s natural nostalgia. We’ve got grown up dancing on that music. It’s a part of our being and therefore we can constantly be connected to the 90s song. We even know the complete lyrics or even recognise in which to pause for the composition to exchange its music. We are that in love with the antique tune. So, it isn’t surprising that the old quantity received this poll.

To give credit in which its due, there are 34 percent folks who felt varun’s take on the tune become cool as well. It takes lots of braveness to recreate a 90s gem and the young actor has executed a tremendous activity with it. In truth, we don’t suppose every body in the gift technology has the aura to do a salman khan film. Only varun possesses that depraved yet endearing high-quality which the dabangg khan is well-known for.