We have been the first ones to tell you that aamir khan has been selected to play rakesh sharma within the latter’s biopic. It will likely be a difficult function due to the fact sharma is an awful lot revered and revered in india. Later, we heard that priyanka chopra has been reputedly approached to play aamir’s spouse within the movie. According to mid-day, the actor and his group are very excited to get computer for the film. They also had a meeting with the actress because she is in town for some time now. It’ll be interesting see if she greenlights this task over others which have come to her due to the fact there’s still time for this to move on the floors considering aamir is shooting thugs of hindostan. Now all that is rumour, so we would like to recognise in case you assume there is any truth to the tale.

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In case you ask us, we hope as hell it is true. Aamir is one actor pc hasn’t paired up ever. So this will be a sparkling pairing with a view to simplest make us more excited for the movie. Additionally, we realize about rakesh sharma’s contribution to india as an astronaut but aren’t aware about how his family ought to have supported him. So our bets are on computer. However you tell us in case you assume that is just a story and no longer the actual truth.

As you all are aware, the movie is called saare jahan se achcha. It changed into originally known as salute. Sharma had stated those strains to the then pm indira gandhi earlier than he took off for his space tour. This is one biopic we’re truly intrigued approximately. While anyone knows approximately him, no longer many are aware of his life and struggles. Desire priyanka says yes to the challenge.