Jamai raja actor ravi dubey is going robust on khatron ke khiladi eight. His recreation is improving with every project. Bollywoodlife were given a threat to have interaction with him and ask him approximately his journey. Right here is the overall interview –

How would you describe your journey on khatron ke khiladi 8?

Transformative – in one word. There have been three milestones for me in this adventure – complete of fears, much less fears to fearless. It has converted me completely, i’m seeing my self in an entire new mild…it turned into excellent. I used to be very frightened within the starting and i did not need to do the display. However on reflection, i suppose this has been my excellent professional decisions.

We lately noticed that for one of the duties, you stayed inner a cage, complete of roosters, for forty five mins! They stored nibbling you but you didn’t budge. How did you control to do that?

My approach to every stunt changed into from a as an alternative spiritual stand point. I’ve been training buddhism for the beyond 14 years. Earlier than going right into a stunt i would continually sit down and pray. There have been things that had been a mandate earlier than every stunt – one changed into talking to sargun (mehta) and the opposite changed into chanting for 10 extraordinary mins.

The technique was always like, ‘i need to come out of it as a higher model of myself’. It’s very exceptional from the way we earn money, right here in mumbai. To be sincere, it’s constantly black and white here, there is not much one has to do. You can cross on a degree, do some dance movements after a at some point practice session and get a first rate pay cheque. While on kkk, it turned into a exceptional recreation altogether. You didn’t step into a stunt for a monetary advantage, neither did it upload for your reputation. It just added as much as the type of person i was earlier than the stunt.

Coming to this unique stunt, when I went into the cage i closed my eyes and that i tried to position myself in a unique vicinity altogether. I concept of the matters i really like, people i am keen on. I attempted no longer to think about the pain and deliver it as little interest as possible. And, time just went through. I could not check in how did i skip the ones forty five minutes. I have no recollection of it. Those had been i bet the first 45 mins of my existence whilst i used to be conscious and that i didn’t utter a unmarried phrase. So it become more spiritual for me.

What position did sargun play to your adventure?

She is my spine, yaar. She is the one who has given me a spine. Before i met sargun, i used to be a one of a kind character. I had numerous fears, intellectual fears, additionally. Low self really worth and plenty of different matters. She is the only who taught me a way to face the world with confidence. She made me aware of my self well worth. So it became crucial for me that after i am faced with a situation that i haven’t confronted earlier than, to talk to anyone who may want to inform me that, ‘pay attention, you are larger than this.’ and it should be anyone, whom i’m able to agree with. So i’d constantly make that name to sargun before going for any challenge. She would ring a bell in me approximately all the instances that looked insurmountable before i crossed them. I might agree with something she told me in black and white.

Is it true which you by no means took component in any of the sports activities sports at the same time as you have been in school?

Yeah, by no means! In case you speak to my school pals, they will vouch for it that in no way in my lifestyles have i ever played a single sport. I don’t even recognize the way to play cricket. Neither football, nor volleyball. Nothing. I used to be always more into dancing, making a song and appearing arts. This was also one of the reasons why i was so worried approximately taking on kkk, because i idea this became no longer a area where i’d be able to do a good deal. When the adventure started out i used to maintain hoping that rohit (shetty) sir doesn’t take my name however after some weeks i desired to do every and each stunt. I have become greedy as i desired to enjoy each and each thing.

Who was your biggest competitor on the show?

Frankly i didn’t have many expectancies from myself before going for the show so opposition changed into a far off concept. First of all, i just didn’t want my call to be known as out for any stunt. However it became only when I were given into the display that i realised that it’s top notch that i’m here and that i need to make the high-quality of it. It’s a clichéd announcement, but i used to be my personal opposition. I was continuously hard myself.

Who do you believe you studied is the surprise bundle of season eight? And, why?

For me the surprise package of the season is nia (sharma). The purpose is that i have worked along with her for 3 years and that i had visible her in a one-of-a-kind mild altogether. There were plenty of peaks and troughs in our courting – from the time whilst we didn’t use to talk to each different to a time whilst we have become superb friends all through jamai raja. However for the duration of the period of three years of running with her, i by no means realised that there was this fine in her of going head on into challenges without rationalising the outcomes. That is something that i got to see in her most effective for the duration of khatron ke khiladi.

I already anticipated plenty from the alternative contestants of the show. Like rithvik (dhanjani) and karan (wahi), i had seen them do physically hard matters before. But nia didn’t even used to work out at that point. She had no longer accomplished any eccentric training, at the same time as all others had. So for me it’ll should be nia.

There is lots that i learnt from all and sundry. Whilst you meet someone as easy as geeta phogat, you desire that more human beings like her turn out to be successful. She is such a pleasant individual, grouded. The fraternity that we are part of, you notice so much of vanity and high headedness that when you meet people like geeta you recognise that that is the measure of actual success. Despite of having executed a lot, she is so grounded. I were given to satisfy a person like manveer (gurjar) who is an all-heart man. Then there has been lopa (mudra raut), who is so head strong. Rithvik and karan contributed plenty to my adventure and they nevertheless preserve to accomplish that. I regarded up to shantanu (maheshwari) for his bodily and intellectual balance. I resonated lots with monica (dogra), she is a religious character, too. I borrowed a bit from all and sundry’s personalities.

There had been quite a few tv celebrities at the display, this season. Who broke the ice among you guys and the non-celebs?

We had been all celebrities but geeta phogat changed into a legend. We knew that she is a person who has delivered honour to the entire country, not simply herself. When we do a show and get good scores, we just deliver honour to ourselves, our family or our pals. But, she represented our usa at a global platform. She became genuinely a bigger superstar among anybody. I constantly reputable her. I am a couple of years older than her, however she had a vibe that made us all respect her. There has been no one who wasn’t a movie star. There was continually a healthful atmosphere at the units.

There might had been many such times whilst you and your loved one friends karan wahi and rithvik dhanjani could have been pitted in opposition to each different. How did you 3 tackle that state of affairs?

I had informed this to myself earlier than kkk commenced and used to remind myself before coming into every mission that, ‘this recreation will get over in some weeks however i ought to meet them on a everyday basis. I need to be capable of study them in the attention. I can no longer allow this competition get to my head.’ i usually knew that i ought to maintain the honor between my friends alive. So, it never came between us.

What position did rohit shetty play for your adventure?

Khatron ke khiladi is his show, it might had been clearly convenient for him to take it easy. However, he became there with each contestant, every minute. On every occasion there was once a higher level of hazard concerned in any stunt, he might come and manual the contestants. There were situations whilst the stunt director was not available however there was now not a unmarried moment while rohit sir was no longer with us. Apart from being a a success film maker, he has a stunt background but he turned into now not obliged to exit of his way to help each contestant but could do that. He used to ensure that if he has helped one contestant, he is going out and facilitates the alternative, too so there may be no animosity. He changed into fair, he turned into strict, he was boyish, he changed into fun, he was pleasant. He changed into a whole anchor. Anchor within the truest experience, as in, he actually held the show to.