The trailer of aamir khan and zaira wasim‘s mystery superstar is ready to launch on august 2. The actor introduced the identical with musical notes splashed across the poster! the plot of the story is very simple. It’s approximately the life of young budding singer whose identity is a large secret. Performed by means of zaira wasim, the story encapsulates the journey of a younger female who aspires to be a singer however has to move similarly with her dreams in secrecy due to the fact her father disapproves of her skills. Aamir performs her aide and mentor in the film. at the same time as the teaser of the film become out already, right here’s the first poster from the movie. For the reason that plot centres round zaira’s man or woman, the poster too glorifies the same. We witness the faculty going woman surrounded by way of musical notes. It’s a very cool poster thinking about the way it speaks of what the movie is all about. additionally, did you note the microphone casually tucked in her backpack? Now not to overlook how ambitious zaira looks as she walks in the direction of the appropriate canvas of musical notes. Additionally read: aamir khan’s leaked clip from mystery celeb will remind you of his characters from mann, rangeela and ghulam

Regardless of aamir being a superstar, the primary poster of secret celebrity is all about zaira, the lead protagonist! In case you folks didn’t understand, the actor has a cameo on this film as he performs a mentor to zaira, the budding celebrity. Very lately, a video clip from the movie become leaked. In the clip, aamir khan’s pop big name avatar and his quirks were discovered as he performs a naughty and creepy star, seeking to flirt with a receptionist. At the same time as the video turned into taken down, we recognize exactly what came about in it. The actor begins hitting on the receptionist as he says, “babes! Mera naya gaana suna hai?” to which the lady replies, “kaunsa? Woh dheere dheere se?” aamir khan replies, “woh toh purana ho gaya. Naya wala hai…zor zor se!”

Proper after accomplishing the blockbuster hit tagline for dangal, we’re quite sure that enthusiasts might make sure that even secret movie star reaches new geographical regions of stardom! You see, with aamir’s marketing talents and both his and zaira’s fandom, that’s clearly workable! The movie is liberating in october and will face a clash with ajay devgn’s golmaal 4. Since each the movies are for all sorts of target market, it might be exciting to see which of the 2 will shine at the box office. Stay tuned to this area for decent scoop and state-of-the-art updates.