I have been a huge fan of the outstanding indian laughter mission which had given us stand-up comedians like raju srivastav and ehsaan noorani. They had been hilarious to mention the least. So after I watched the new and upgraded version of the show which is on air with akshay kumar because the choose, i was pretty excited. But it appears i used to be waiting for a touch too much. None of the contestants had been humorous or left any affect on me. I don’t even don’t forget any of the jokes. If i’m nonetheless requested to choose a fave from the participants, i can go with abhay kumar. He as a minimum used his inability to see as approach to draw laughter. And that’s apt due to the fact he narrated what all he needed to pay attention due to this which indians surely ask. So let me inform you the way it all went!

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Sajid khan and shreyas talpade joined akshay kumar this episode in location of mallika dua, zakir khan and hussain dalal. They begin it with a tune from housefull 2. Akshay discovered the truth of him judging a expertise show at sajid’s university. He become called to accomplish that due to the fact he became doing nothing. Then he cracks a horrible shaggy dog story approximately iqbal. Akshay then cracks another lame joke on elie abraham. Happily, it ends there. He blames it on sajid who apparently had asked him to crack terrible jokes.

Elie calls upon nitesh shetty for his act. None of his jokes had been humorous despite the fact that he tried surely tough. Sajid but found it very relatable. lemon spoon race starts next between akshay, sajid, shreyas and elie. Sajid wins.

Abhay kumar walks in as the following contestant. He cracks jokes on his blindness. Anyone cherished it. Golden bell rung by means of akshay intended he became safe.

Vignesh pandey enters subsequent. It turned into a stupid act. But each person cherished it. He receives the silver bell.

Parvinder enters next. He jokes on bollywood. They have been barely funny. However the judges found it to be ‘actual stand-up comedy’. Akshay concept of welcoming parvinder’s mother and father to degree however mistook them for a person else. Really, that turned into extra funny than the whole display. Parvinder cleared the misunderstanding. He gets the silver bell. His father is an akshay fan and that they dance on mast kalandar from heyy toddler.

Naman jain from goona takes the stage next. He regarded greater like a feeler than an real comic. Akshay at least adviced him to get his jokes better.

Eliminations will occur the following day.