Even earlier than sushant singh rajput is going to area, there’s jayam ravi trying to thieve that honour from him with the aid of making india’s first area movie, tik tik tik. The film is directed via shakti soundar rajan, who earlier made miruthan, what become tamil movie’s first foray into zombie territory. Interestingly, even jayam ravi performed the lead in miruthan as nicely. nivetha pethuraj and ramesh thilak shape the a part of the supporting forged.

The first poster that had come out earlier had jayam ravi in a space match and helmet flying around in space with an unexplained explosion at the back of him, and he is making an attempt to rectify the situation. The poster obtained plenty of grievance for being a badly photoshopped process, because it changed into definitely seen that they had simply pasted jayam ravi’s face in the helmet. In an effort to keep away from extra grievance, it seems, the makers have launched a brand new poster that has a helmetless jayam ravi and his team of fellow astronauts, consisting of pethuraj and thilak, in that. For a few purpose, jayam ravi appears very indignant. Is it me or does the superstar appearance uncomfortable in that space match? The history looks as if it’s constituted of a camera filter from camera360 app. Also the poster did job my memory of michael bay’s armageddon, that starred bruce willis and ben affleck, which become approximately a crew of oil drillers despatched to area to drill a nuclear bomb in an asteroid that is meant to collide and decimate earth.

Tik tik tik will even big name jayam ravi’s son aarav. Additionally read: jayam ravi and his son aarav come collectively for tik tik tik

Tik tik tik was also the call of a 1981 thriller starring kamal haasan inside the lead function. But here’s what a source found out approximately bagging the permission to apply the title, “it will be a one-of-its-kind thriller in indian movie enterprise. The audience can relate to the title whilst watching the movie. The makers have received the requisite permission to apply this title. The assignment will pass on floors in october, and a huge set may be erected in chennai.”

Jayam ravi may also be playing the lead in sundar c’s sangamithra which is supposed to be one of india’s most costly movies made until date.