A snake charmer informs someone on the smartphone that he has reached bhalla house. Pihu gets scared to look him on the door. He tells her that this snake can remedy all people. He asks her if someone is ill in the house. Pihu tells him that her mother is sick and is going and calls her. Shagun (anita hassanandani) asks him to leave and tells pihu that each one this is superstition. The snake charmer leaves the snake in the residence. It bites shagun. Pihu calls every body. Raman (karan patel), ruhi and santosh get stunned to peer her lying at the floor. He ties a scarf round her leg so that the poison doesn’t unfold in her body.

Raman asks pihu to do not forget how did he look. Ishita  (divyanka tripathi) comes and asks raman to move and follow the snake charmer even as she sucks the poison from her body. Ishita sucks the poison from her leg. Aaliya calls aadi and asks him to come domestic. Nikhil and raman look for the snake charmer on the streets of delhi. Nikhil unearths him and begins beating him. He comes to a decision to take him to the police station and asks raman to move domestic. Medical doctor comes and offers anecdote to both of them. He tells them that this is not the proper way to remove posion from someone’s frame.

Shagun wakes up and gets shocked to look ishita unconscious. She receives to know that she sucked out poison from her frame that allows you to shop her life. Ishita gains attention. Shagun asks her if she is great. Medical doctor informs them that they are both out of danger. Shagun thank you her for saving her existence in spite of of having been humiliated so in many instances by her. Raman and ashok come there. The snake charmer confesses in the front of the police officer that he isn’t always a snake charmer, he did all this for cash. Police officer pressurises him to inform the name of the individual that requested him do all this.

Ishita informs raman that lots of coins has been found at banwari’s house. Aadi overhears their communique. Raman receives suspicious of aadi and asks him if he desires to tell him some thing. Police comes to bhalla house to arrest raman. Snake charmer tells them that raman had paid him to kill shagun. Ashok provokes them. Police takes raman away. Ishita is going to the police station and asks them why have they arrested her husband. Police officer tells her that they recognise that raman had not sent the snake. He tells her that someone is conspiring against him and to ensure that raman stays safe, they had to bring him to the police station. He says that the snake charmer doesn’t know who paid him for killing shagun as he had worn a black masks and black gloves. Ishita gets amused.

She asks if she will be able to meet raman. Raman thinks that if aadi has completed all this then he is prepared to take the blame on his head. Ishita comes and informs him that the police has reaized that he’s innocent. Raman tells her that he is ready to stay within the prison even supposing they don’t find out who’s the actual perpetrator. Ishita receives stunned. Also read: yeh hai mohabbatein 31 july 2017, written replace of full episode: ishita gets suspicious of aadi