Ashok brings shagun (anita hassanandani) interior and asks raman (karan patel) and ishita (divyanka tripathi) to go into reverse as he can contend with her. Aadi comes. Ashok asks him if he’s hiding some thing from them. He tells him that he feels he’s mani’s murderer. Raman asks him to close up. Aadi starts offevolved fumbling and tells him that he had just long gone there to fulfill aaliya. Raman asks aadi to not provide him any causes. Shagun wakes up and asks them how did she faint. Raman asks her no longer to fear and take rest.

Ishita asks aadi that why did he get so frightened when ashok became asking him all that. He receives angry and asks her why is she taking ashok so seriously. She makes him swear on her and asks him to inform the truth. He assures her that he hasn’t done anything incorrect. Ishita tells him that she believes him. She leaves. Aadi gets scared. Ashok tells someone on the telephone that they will ought to do the whole lot soon as shagun has commenced recalling the whole thing. He tells him that they may must get raman hanged before that. Raman and ishita get scared considering ashok.

Kiran comes to go back kshitija’s toy to her. Shavu shouts on her for trying to shop for their love. Bala shouts on him for misbehaving with her. Kiran gets upset and leaves. Bala asks shavu to express regret but he refuses. Madhu is going and apologizes to kiran on his behalf. She tells her to take into account this as a signal that the kids do not want her in their life. Ishita calls the police officer and receives to understand that the shoe marks are of a wealthy guy. She decides to visit the shield’s residence to get extra information. Nikhil comes to fulfill ruhi. He apologizes to her for accusing raman and offers her a gift.

Raman exams his workplace accounts and asks aadi why did he withdraw such a huge quantity. Aadi receives angry and tells him that he can not deliver him each and each element of his expenditure. Raman receives bowled over by means of his behaviour. Ruhi and nikhil discuss song. He gifts her an vintage image of ruhaan. She gets a piece disenchanted and returns the gift. Ishita reaches banwari’s residence and assures the police that she can not interfere of their investigation. Law enforcement officials get bowled over to discover coins at his house. Also examine: yeh hai mohabbatein 29 july 2017 complete episode written replace: even as shagun remembers the night of the murder aadhi is hiding something massive