Ishita (divyanka tripathi) scolds ashok for featuring marriage to shagun and reminds him that she is already married. He says mani has died and he’s going to no longer let her regain her reminiscence. He challenges her that he’s going to marry her in any case. He asks roshni to come to his marriage. Ishita gets furious and asks him to go away. Shagun reveals it tough to choose between raman (karan patel) and ashok. She comes across raman and ishita’s wedding ceremony photo and faints. Pihu goes and calls ishita. She receives worried to look her mendacity subconscious. Madhu suggests ishita the marriage photograph. Ishita receives stunned. Shagun wakes up. Ishita asks if she saw some thing. Shagun says she fainted because of the heavy dose of drug treatments. Ishita leaves. Shagun thinks about the image and feels uneasy.

Ishita feels helpless. Aaliya asks ishita to stop shagun and mani’s marriage in any case. Shagun feels that everybody is hiding something from her. She unearths it tough to recognize ishita and raman’s relationship. She wonders why is ashok so keen to marry her. She decides to discover the reality herself.

Aadi tells ashok that he will by no means permit this marriage happen. He asks him what does he want. Ashok asks 10 crores from him. He promises him that he’ll no longer marry his mother if he offers him the amount. Aadi receives taken aback. Ishita asks shagun if she is certain about marrying ashok. She tells her that he loves her lots and says she is pretty positive about their realtionship. Shagun advises her to get married, too. Ishita tells her that she desires to recognition on her profession in the mean time. Shagun tells her that she will make her meet some men. Ruhi overhears their verbal exchange and asks her now not to force her to get married. Shagun asks her who’s she and scolds her for interfering of their matter. Ishita asks ruhi to apologize. Ruhi leaves. Shagun gets greater suspicious of ishita.

Ruhi begins crying. She tells her that each one that is happening because of her. Aadi asks her not to take the blame on her. He tells her that this time he’s going to tie the rakhi on her wrist on raksha bandhan as she has constantly supported him. Additionally read: yeh hai mohabbatein five august 2017, written replace of complete episode: ashok proposes marriage to shagun