Pooja accuses nikhil of mendacity and asks him why didn’t he come to meet them in some of these years if he changed into so eager on having the toddler. Nikhil tells her that he attempted to touch her however she modified her contact quantity and adrress. He tells her that once he contacted her father he didn’t inform him some thing approximately riya and alternatively advised him that she wishes a divorce. Pooja accuses nikhil of doing all this just to win his girlfriend’s confidence as she is close to riya. Raman (karan patel) intervenes and says that ruhi isn’t nikhil’s lady friend. Raman threatens him to check in a harrasment case in opposition to him. Nikhil tells them that he has now not pressured absolutely everyone. He tells absolutely everyone that pooja by no means wanted to stay with him as she desired a lavish existence, which handiest her father may want to have afforded.

He asks her to admit it. Ishita (divyanka tripathi) asks pooja to tell them the complete reality. Pooja admits that he left nikhil due to the fact she got to recognise some thing approximately him.Nikhil asks her to forestall cooking up stories and tell the fact. He tells every body that she took mr. Garewal out of the residence because she knew he was going to expose her today. She tells them that she took her father out because she didn’t need him to undergo all this all over again as it took him a whole lot of time to pop out of it. Ishita asks her to confess everything.

Pooja tells them that she had almost made up her mind to leave nikhil after their combat but then she determined to present their dating a second chance and returned returned. She tells them that on her manner lower back she noticed nikhil with her sister on the sanatorium. She tells them that she heard him asking her to abort the kid. She asks them how should she have lower back to nikhil after knowing that she made her own sister pregnant. Mr garewal starts beating nikhil. Ruhi goes and prevents him and and asks nikhil to tell them the fact. He confesses that he turned into on the hospital with her sister, sujata that day.

Pooja tells them that sujata commited suicide after that. She says that her father changed into heart damaged and for this reason she had to take in the enire responsibilty in their commercial enterprise. She tells ishita that she could not deliver time to riya because she needed to run her father’s business. Raman tells pooja that something she did turned into without a doubt right. He warns nikhil to stay faraway from ruhi and throws him out of the house. Riya and pihu secretely overhear their communique.

Param comes to bhalla house to satisfy ananya. Simmi invitations him interior and tells him that ananya has gone out somewhere. She tells him that she goes to make tea for herself as she is having a bad headache and asks if he desires to have a cup, too. He asks her if he could make tea for her. They consider the day when they first met and param made tea for her. Ananya enters and overhears their conversation. She requests simmi to let param make tea for her. Simmi concurs. He gives tea to her. She tells him that it’s nice.

Ananya tells kshitija that she enjoyed a lot along with her parents today. Kshitija gets disenchanted. Param asks her what’s the problem. She tells him that she misses her mother. He tells her that her mother is looking at her from a distance and wishes her to stay happy. He offers her chocolates and asks her to come back to him if she ever has any trouble.

Raman, ishita, pihu and ruhi attain home. Mihika says she can not trust nikhil is this kind of horrific guy. Raman tells them that he doesn’t need this topic to be discussed at his domestic anymore. Ruhi recollects the whole lot and cries. Ishita brings her food in her bed room. She asks her to cry her coronary heart out. Ruhi asks her why does this usually show up along with her, why does she continually get cheated in love.Ishita tells her that she may be very innocent and it’s no longer her fault. Ruhi feels guilty for hurting raman. Ishita tells ruhi that he isn’t indignant with her. Additionally study: yeh hai mohabbatein 6 september 2017, written replace of complete episode: raman slaps ruhi as he receives to understand of her affair with riya’s father, nikhil